Thursday, September 4, 2008

Are You Taking Advantage Of Web 2.0 Marketing?

This is such an exciting time on the web for people creating magnetic sites filled with content their niche is after.

I just don't understand why so many people are fighting it tooth and nail.

From arguments that never end about the "birth of this" and the "death of that" to arguments over the monikers of change like "social networking" and "web 2.0."

My thing, since the beginning, has been "Who cares what people are calling everything on the new web, let's just acknowledge the obvious: this is a new web we are dealing with!"

Smart people are staying out of the fights over semantics and taking in all the new possibilities offered to them for marketing their sites.

For instance, the fact that SEO is easier than it ever has been in the past should be the Number 1 topic of discussion and jubilation on the web.

Finally people with more ideas for great sites, products, and services than technical experience can simply publish great content and do extremely basic SEO and rank high in the engines.

Even over the geeks who invented the complex, technical SEO of yesterday.

No longer do we have to trick engines. We simply give them what they want and they actually reward us for it.

The critics (always people who make money from SEO services) say that it takes months to take a content site to the top of a niche.

That is complete spin to keep us sucking on the teat of SEO firms who have everything to loose in Web 2.0.

The way I build sites gets me into the top ten just as fast or faster than the SEO of yesterday. And I stay there as long as I want. And the geeks cannot push me out (Give it a shot pocket protector man!) because I am not even playing their game, and they don't understand mine!

The only people on the net who badmouth social marketing, content development for the sake of visitors instead of search engines, and "post and rank" technology are SEO firms and individuals who make money by keeping search engine optimization confusing.

Enough is enough!

If you want out of the SEO game, embrace and enjoy the new web and all it has to offer.

Go long tail for keywords and leave the one and two word phrases to people who want to be #1 for the most generic term in their niche.

You can enjoy hyper-targeted traffic while they get their bandwidth chewed up by tire kickers and lost surfers.

Get into social bookmarking, link sharing, sticky content development, and link bait (another word everyone argues about which simply means "attractive content" that gets linked to).

Get into custom RSS feeds and autodiscovery. Get a blog and be part of the discussion in your niche that will go on with or without you.

The people taking advantage of interactive media are raking in traffic, rankings, and profits for their sites.

The people arguing the semantics and whether there really is anything all that special going on are woefully out of touch.

The fact that they cannot accept the writing on the wall and don't know there is indeed a monstrously sweeping change taking place on the web is proof they are lost at sea.

Don't listen to the naysayers. Take advantage of the interactive web marketing that is available in your niche and create something powerful, special, unique, and profitable!

Are you lost? Learn about all the techniques and issues above by subscribing to The Friday Traffic Report. I'll help you understand all of this stuff!


sarang said...

Hi. It was an informative post but what about the oler sites which are not in the race or they have not thought of SEO till now but wants to enter?? what options do they have now???


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