Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Do Article Directories Still Rock In A Web 2.0 World?

The rapid rise of Web 2.0 and social media sites simply begs the question: Are Article Directories Relevant Anymore?

Just to be a spoilsport and ruin all the suspense and fun, I am going to answer the question posed by the headline right here. The answer is a resounding yes! And to preempt any whining and grumbles about how I ruined the surprise (at least I did warn you) here are the reasons why I killed said suspense:

1) This ain't no thriller!

2) People's online reading habits are generally limited to scanning. I couldn't take the chance that the puppet masters responsible for tugging at the article directory strings would take one glance at the header alone, scream a stream of invectives before simmering down to take the decisive and irreversible position of forever banning me from their directories!

Okay, now that's out of the way, let's get back to the issue of categorically proving why article directories are still very relevant in a Web 2.0 world? After all surely you weren't going to just take my word for it...Come off it! This is the internet. Who can you possibly trust without proof huh?

Most Article Directories Are Already Web 2.0 Ready

The vast majority of article directories are in fact already Web 2.0 optimized and ready. This is quite obvious by the array of social media promotional buttons and comment templates usually found at the bottom of any article. In any case article directories are already mobile platform based and support dynamic website script language such as php.

Article Directories Are Quickly Indexed

Listen up if you have a newborn blog or website, because this aspect is of grave importance to the well being of that neonate website of yours. Article directories are updated massively and on a regular basis which means that they are quickly indexed and continuously crawled by the search engines. In other words, if you are desperately seeking to get your website/blog incorporated into the search engines index , posting a well written article of yours to a well established directory will very nicely cover that particular hurdle.

Driving Web Traffic To Your Website

Ah yes. This happens to be one of the strongest arguments for social media website proponents. Be that as it may, writing and posting articles to the various article directories strewn across the web is an excellent way to get your new site noticed and more importantly to get interested visitors to look over your website (note that website and blog are being interpreted as the same thing here, and the words are interchangeable). Although Web 2.0 aficionados claim that they can attain far greater quantities of web traffic to their sites, what they aren't so keen on publicizing is the quality of that traffic with respect to conversion; i.e., how good is that Web 2.0 traffic really as far as executing your most desired objective is concerned?

Another aspect that isn't much touted is the fact that it actually takes a considerable amount of effort to promote one's article on a social media website to the point where it gets sufficient exposure to generate massive amounts of traffic. Such promotional work largely involves getting social media "friends" to vote for your article. In fact until fairly recently when various Web 2.0 hubs wizened up, some social media practitioners had perfected their web 2.0 promotional skills to the point that invariably their articles were appearing at the top of social media websites such as Digg. This they managed by gaming the system, but as one such disgruntled practitioner put it, "Digg Has Smartened Up!"

Article Directory Traffic vs. Web 2.0 Traffic.

As briefly mentioned in the immediately preceding paragraph, social media web traffic does not translate well into financial profit. The one saving grace is if you can get huge volumes of traffic to your site only then might you see any significant monetary gain! Oh and if by chance your blog or website happens to be about making money, forget it, you are automatically fighting 2 uphill battles; social media websites hate marketers! In such a scenario, not only will you find it rather difficult to draw substantial numbers of visitors to your site, you'll be lucky if you survive half a year without being ignominiously booted out of the various Web 2.0 sites for "unabashed self-promotion!"

However, even if your blog isn't about how to make money (thus naturally money-making tips won't be the substance of your posts on Web 2.0 websites), traffic from those social media websites will still have a low conversion rate. Most visitors from Web2.0 sites are what I term Curiosity Prospects...

They stumbled upon your link bait header, were intrigued, decided to check it out, traipsed over to your site, saw, scanned then scrammed all within seconds!

If you use web traffic analytic software on your site you'll readily notice that people from social media websites spend seconds on your blog and rarely if ever bother to check out any other pages! This is in stark contrast to traffic that originates from article directories. Certainly you may not get as much traffic from article hosting websites but the simple truth is that the traffic you do get from them is much more targeted and ultimately valuable to your business.

Visitors from article directories spend much more time on your website and are much more likely to review other pages rather than just the homepage. On the face of it this actually makes a lot of sense; a person who visits your site via the link on an article you wrote is really really interested in what more you have to say which explains why they read said article in its entirety! That person has a far higher likelihood of spending time on your site reading your content than an incidental Curiosity Prospect who got there because of an intriguing headline!

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