Thursday, January 24, 2008

Web 2.0, Is it Just Legal SPAM

Web 2.0, everybody is talking about it. If you want a lot of traffic and the opportunity to make money then sites like MySpace, YouTube, Facebooks, Flickr, and everything Web 2.0 is what you need. I just logged into my MySpace account and I was surprised at how many SPAM comments that were there. Is this technology just a way to legalize SPAM? You can turn off the option allowing people to post comments but then nobody will be able to post.

Every marketer and authority is talking like this is new technology. Sites Like Yahoo have had MyYahoo for almost a decade now. The same goes for AOL. If this wasn't Web 2.0 then it must have been at least Web 1.5. Have you seen the navigation on these new Web 2.0 sites? MySpace is somewhat easy to get around but I have tried many times to get around Facebook and Squidoo but I must be missing something. I hear that these sites are getting a lot of traffic but am I the only one who is having trouble trying to get around in these sites?

If you are a marketer there are so many experts telling you to market on these social networking sites like MySpace. Obviously this is not something the owners of sites like MySpace advocate. Two of the most popular programs out there that helped you to be able to market to the MySpace community have recently been shut down by MySpace. Badderadder and Spacepromoter were both victims to this latest craze that the MySpace heads are doing. Who's next?

A few years ago everybody was saying that we had to be blogging in order to make it, now that has changed. I hear that blogs are not as popular as they were at first. They are still important because anybody who visits a blog is free to leave their comment to one of the postings. Static pages are a thing of the past. In todays world you have to allow visitors the option of being able to add their comments, pictures and videos. Videos are the next big thing. Everybody is doing it. Look at the giants like Google and Microsoft.

I have had a site for the last ten years and I've never had more than a few thousand visitors in one month. My son, Jake, with his MySpace profile has had over 40,000 unique visitors in one month already. He is trying to teach me how to do this but so far I have not mastered getting more than 3,000. Technology is changing so fast these days. What is hot today will be outdated and on the way out in less than a few months.

About the Author: Jeffrey has over 2 decades experience in the business world. When he writes he blends his unique wit and humour into every article which if you rread his blog you can see all of his many works.


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